We are a Canadian company that provides home history reports to help you buy or sell any home in the country. Developed over the past 3 years in consultation with real estate agents and other industry professionals to design, scope, build and deliver our Report to the entire country.

A HomeVerified Report contains information that lets you know:

  • Were there ever any insurance claims?
  • When did the claims occur?
  • How much was the claim?
  • Was this home ever a Grow Op?
  • Local school and amenity information.

We are CANADIAN - We were founded to access and supply important Canadian home resale data that is not readily provided in the general marketplace.

REAL-TIME DATA - We are electronically connected "live" to our data sources. This means that our data is always current.

We provide NEIGHBOURHOOD INSURANCE CLAIMS DATA - We are the only service that provides consumers with Canadian neighbourhood insurance claims analysis in conjunction with specific home insurance claims history. We are connected live to a national, continually updating database.

We identify GROW OP homes - We are the only known service, available to consumers, that is electronically connected to a series of public databases across the country in order to identify homes used as Grow Ops.

Our goal is to help all parties involved feel more confident in the home resale transaction. We accomplish this with accurate, timely, national data to aid in the due diligence of any Canadian home & neighbourhood.

Our reports are comprehensive and available with live data the moment you need it, designed to help make your purchase decision with the benefit of all available knowledge on the home and neighbourhood you are considering.