Why Buy?

Real Estate Agents

Using a real estate agent to help buy or sell your home is invaluable. Their wealth of experience in assessing a home's value, attributes and in negotiating is a necessity. Buying a new home is likely one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make.

In addition to the services of a real estate agent you need to also make sure you purchase a HomeVerified Report in order to find out vital facts about the home's history.

A HomeVerified Report helps you to market and sell your listing, and your services, by:

  • Generating more interest in your Listings by equating the added disclosure with accuracy & thoroughness, and distinguishing yourself from the crowd with real estate�s newest innovative tool.
  • Attracting Buyer clients as you are able to acquire the HomeVerified Report as another tool in their home search in conjunction with your existing services.
  • Helping fulfill due diligence obligations.
  • Providing fuller disclosure and protection from liability.

HomeVerified was created with the input of real estate agents, for real estate agents in order to further assist with home purchase or sale.

Home Owners

Don't just show your home's curb appeal and layout... show its history as well.

  • Selling your home with a HomeVerified Report helps to clarify some of its past history.
  • Show prospective buyers more detail with regards to the due diligence in the home resale process, increasing trust and clarity.

Home Buyers

It's probably the single largest purchase of your life � get the peace of mind and due diligence only available with a HomeVerified Report.

Purchasing your ideal home requires much time, effort, expertise and research. HomeVerified gives you additional details to help make a more informed purchase decision.

  • Research its Insurance Claims History.
  • Check it against Grow Op records.
  • Discover neighborhood school and amenity information.

The HomeVerified Home History Report helps you in all of these areas when searching for a home. Ask either the listing real estate agent or the current home owner for a HomeVerified Report, or simply get their consent and order one for yourself.

Home Inspectors

As a home inspector, wouldn't you like to know the home's history?

Was it ever a Grow Op? Was there a sewer backup recently?

More detail about the home history may help you to focus on areas that you may not have known about without the Report, doing a better inspection for your client.

  • Helps make your inspection more effective.
  • Provides protection from liability.